Chapter 1 -"New Encounters"-

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Chapter 1 -"New Encounters"-

Post by Ashley Harris on Tue May 31, 2016 4:11 pm

After a few first days at "The Falls", Ashley met Christine, the girl next door. Some uncomfortable chat and a small walk made the first encounter look like a random one. Will Ashley be able to adapt to her new neighborhood? I'm sure we all want to know more about Christine, and whoever we can meet at The Falls.

Chapter 1 -New Encounters-

Ashley Harris -
Smoking a cigarette at the park
I didn't think it was going to be so hot today. I'm not that kind of girl that wants to be a human toast but... Why not?
Lifts the shirt a little bit and lies on the grass, smoking and being lost in her thoughts
Humm... This place looks like a nice one to chill. God, how am i supposed to fit into school. I don't know anyone here, except for that girl next door. She seems nice. Better yet, what am i supposed to do this summer... I better move my ass soon.

Christine Rockbell -
Christine's finished her working hours on the local coffee shop and heads to her house.
Well, that was a quite rough day man. I shouldn't be complaining about the ammount of costumers as this means I wont get fired if the boss is earning enough right? But my legs hurt. A nice cold shower and a movie would make it for tonight.
As she walks, she passes infront of the park. Is that.. Ashley laying there? Kinda late isn't in? I could ask her to come over my house for a movie, or something I mean I am all alone in a house, it makes me crazy.
Walks towards her and waves

-Hey Ash!

Ashley Harris -
Ashley was almost asleep, jumps scared.
Oh my god what embarrassing.

-Oh, sorry! Hi!

She stands up with some grass in her hair and clothes.

Christine Rockbell -
Laughs hard.

-Sorry sorry, were you half asleep? Hope I didn't scare you.
Says while takes the grass out of her hair

-You are a nature girl aren't you? Grins.

Ashley Harris -
Keeps taking away the grass from her hair.

-Oh, eh, yeah no... I just.

Damn im not totally awake.

-I like quiet places sometimes. Not always but... whatever.

Christine Rockbell -
I love her saves! I really like this girl. We will get along well.

-So I guess if I tell you to come over for a movie you wouldn't say no? If your dad also doesnt mind.

Ashley Harris -
Wow that was easy.
Pats her clothes for a final clean up.

-Uhm...Yes? Why not, I haven't seen my dad for some days.
Not that i totally care about.

Christine Rockbell -
That was easy.

-So let me lead the way.

Starts walking till they reach her house, unlocks the door.

-Home, sweet home. Welcome to my small, but quite cute castle. Comfort yourself while I go change my work clothes.
And before I go! As you are my guest, you pick a movie or a movie genre, choose wisely.

Laughs, while goes upstairs to change her clothes.

Ashley Harris -
Takes a look around.
Well I would if I knew where the stuff is...
Starts walking around the living room.
This is a nice house.

Christine Rockbell -
Goes upstairs to her room, takes off her clothes and tide them up on the closet. Changes to some PJ shorts with fluffy animals and a black sleeveless top. Picks her hair up on a bun and takes off most of her make up.
Well I think we are about the same size so I could lend her some PJ's for the night, wouldn't want her to feel uncomfortable here would I?
Takes another pair of shorts, a t-shirt and two blankets, walks downstairs.

-So, I do hope you found a genre. Laughs Plus!
If you'd like you can always change to these PJ's and match my childish self. Fluffy animals and cartoons!

Places the two blankets on the couch.

-If you have yet to pick up a movie, I will give you another time too, while I'll go cook something. Hope you're not a vegetarian or vegan?


-I am craving for some meat.

Kate Moretz -
I should get some carrots from the kitchen.
March looks so cute at her with his black eyes.
When im at it already i could make some tea.

Ashley Harris -
There's something weird about this girl. Like if i knew the whole house...
Easy Ashley don't sound rude once you get invited to something.

-Ah... Sorry where did you say the movies were?

Christine Rockbell -
Fuck! You forgot to mention that, dumbhead.

-Oh, ugh I'm sorry forgot to mention sorry.

Opens up a cupboard on the living room that says "Pirate Shit", filled with DvD's.

Ashley Harris -
And the treasure gets finally revealed.

Malefic laugh.

Shit! Did i do that at loud?

-Oh hey, here it is. Okay let's have a look.

Christine Rockbell -

-I loved that laugh! So back to my original question, you aren't a vegeterian or a vegan right? I am thinking about cooking chicken with curry and french potatoes! But we could always change plans if you have any other preferences.

Ashley Harris -

-Oh no, no way, i'll eat whatever you do.
Actually you don't need to cook anything. Im fine.

Point for me! That was polite, wasn't it? or... Okay...whatever, it sounded good.

Ray Burnley -
Drives in his Ford Mustang through West Side Waterfalls on his way home from work, when suddenly the car breaks down.

-Oh come on, not again!

Pulls the car up to the side of the road in front of the next best house and gets out, opening the hood to check the car.

-Goddammit, not the ignition again... for Christ's sake...

Walks up to the front porch of the house and reads the name on the doorbell.
Moretz, hmmm.
Rings doorbell.

Christine Rockbell -
Blushes and smiles.

-Well, I don't think it as a indebtedness, I am quite hungry myself too.


She is really kind, maybe I can get to know her a bit better tonight, all I know is her name actually. Shame So!

Starts cooking.

Kate Moretz -
Doorbell rings.
What? Who could that be? I do not expect anybody today. Not that i expect people visiting me at all.
Parks her tea on the kitchen table and walks to the door  She can see a man through the peephole, around 30 years old.
What does he want here?
Opens door.

-Hello, what can i do for you?

Ray Burnley -
Sees the door open and beautiful girl come into view.

-Oh, hello miss. Sorry, if I'm disturbing, but my car just broke down right in front of your house. It's a problem with the ignition. Do you have any spnaners in your tool shed or garage, which I could borrow for a second? Also, the name's Ray Burnley, it's a pleasure to meet you!

Holds out his hand to her for a handshake, smiling friendly.

Ashley Harris -
Some minutes later, Ashley is sitting by the couch, lost in her thoughts.

Kate Moretz -
Answers the handshake.

-Kate Moretz. Im ... Im not sure if i have what you need ... but you can take a look in the garage.

Points to the garage.
Ok, social phobia go away please. Just for this moment... He will be away soon.
Christine Rockbell -

Looks at Ash while finishing her cooking.
Let me break the ice here, she looks kinda sad there.

-So, tell me something about you, I seriously know nothing apart from your name. What are your ambitions for the future, hobbies anything.


I might go far with her, maybe give her some more space.

-I mean always if you feel like talking and sorry if I am being weird.
It's that I really like you.

Smiles politely at her

Ray Burnley -
Shakes her hand firmly, but still gently.

-Thank you so much, Mrs Moretz! I'll look right away!

Smiles at her and enters the garage through a side door.
Looks around for a toolbox, eventually finding it and getting a few spanners from it.

-Ah, there we go!

Leaves the garage holding up the spanners to Kate, smiling.

-Here they are! I'll return them in a few minutes, depends on how quick I can get the old diva fixed!

Points to this 1968 Acapulco Ford Mustang

Ashley Harris -
I hope this place gives me some hope.
She didn't appear to have heard.

Christine Rockbell -
Awkwardly looking at her.
Oh well, this didnt go too well Chrissy, not well at all.
Screams loudly.

-FUCK! I burnt my hand.

Places her hand under cold water.
Shit man.

Ashley Harris -
Moves her head to the girl.

-Oh, want me to give you a hand?

Damn that sounded like making fun of her.

-I mean, with the cooking.

Christine Rockbell -
Blushes, and rubs her neck awkwardly.

-No not all smiles I am the host here! I was abstracted, but the food is ready.

Ashley Harris -

-Come on, nonsense.

Walks towards her and moves her gently taking her from the hip.

-Where are the dishes?

Christine Rockbell -
Breaks at laughter.

-Well alright! If you want to help then sure, the dishes are on the top cupboard. Serve us some smiles And maybe I shouldn't be offering alcohol but I will anyways. Beer, wine or Chouchen? I mean Chouchen is a french alcoholic beverage, not too strong pretty sweet too.

Shiz, I love how impulsive she is.

Ashley Harris -
Looks at her, having fun but, still serious.

-Just beer.  

Grabbing dishes.

Christine Rockbell -
That was easy!

-I will go for a beer as well then.

Opens the fridge and takes out two bottles of beer.

-Let us just lay on the couch and eat up there, I am so tired to sit on an actual chair really.

Ray Burnley -
Starts his repairs on the car.
Hmm, I need a small test.

-Mrs Moretz? Could you get behind the wheel please and start the ignition for me? I need to see if the ignition holds up now.

Ashley Harris -


Walks towards the couch and place the dishes on a small table
Sits down and rests her head on one hand.

Christine Rockbell -
Takes a long sip from her beer and sits next to her, opens the tv and chooses an action movie.

-This will be good.

Covers up with the blanket and stares at the tv.

Kate Moretz -

-Uhmm... Yes... Sure.

Insecure she sits down and does what he said.

Ray Burnley -
The engine roars up with a mighty roar followed by a small bang, followed by a cloud of smoke, that practically engulfs Ray, who starts coughing heavily, as he appears from behind the raised hood of the car again with sooty face from all the smoke.

-Thar she blows! All working again! Thank you so much, Mrs Moretz! Or can I call you Kate?

Kate Moretz -

-Yes. Thats alright. I did not that much though but no problem.

Ray Burnley -

-Oh, no need to be so modest! If I hadn't checked it with my own eyes, the whole rustbucket might have broken down on me again two blocks down the road! Well, here you go then!

Closes the hood and hands her the spanner.

-I'll be off now, but I'll make sure to drop a little something at your door as a sign of my gratefulness in the next few days! Thank you so much again! I hope to see you again, soon!

Smiles at her before getting into the car and drives away.

Kate Moretz -
A nice guy heads back into the house i prefer my tea hot...
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