Chapter 2: -"Everything that shine ain't always gonna be gold".-

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Chapter 2: -"Everything that shine ain't always gonna be gold".-

Post by Ashley Harris on Thu Jun 02, 2016 2:31 pm

Ashley and Christine had a movie night while Mrs Moretz had an encounter with a middle aged man one silent evening. The movie night was not quite one since the rush of the day beated the girls, who fell asleep. And Kate Moretz gave the first signal of generosity at The Falls.

Ashley Harris -
Opening her eyes - Looking around.-
Oh no, come on...
Sees Christine lying in the couch, asleep - Stands up watching at the window
Walks towards the Garden's door to go outside - Nude Feets.

As Ashley walks outside the sun starts irradiating her with a nice warm sensation. Her feets feel the caresses of the grass below her and there's not a single cloud at the sky.-
Lighting a cigarette while she rest by the house wall.

Christine Rockbell -
A little moan of pleasure, a bit of streching. Christine rubs her eyes witht her hand, opens her eyes and the sun coming from the window blinding her. Takes a look around and spots Ashely smoking outside.
Oh, I might crushed so bad yesterday, I didn't even finish the movie. Damn work was really tiring. I'd better get up.. Jesus.
Gets up a bit slowly as she is still sleepy, walks towards the door looking so messy, with her hair wild and a pretty sleepy face.

-Good.. Morning Ash!

Ashley Harris -
-Morning girl. Nice hair.

Smiles while she walks towards her and hold the cigarette with her mouth, using her hands to start making a pony tail to Christine.
Yeah I'm kinda in the right mood today.

Christine Rockbell -
Laughs feeling a bit ashamed.

-Thanks! I bet it looks like a jungle... Again? Alright though, for the nice save I will have to offer a coffee right?
Even though I have no idea what time it is really,
I crushed hard yesterday, sorry.

Ashley Harris -
After finishing the pony tail she takes out her phone to check the time.

-Right, well I think I prefer...

While she was looking at the phone, it's start vibrating and a message pops up.

-Oh no way!

Smiles and looks at the girl for a moment.

-No way this is awesome...where?

Starts messaging back.

Christine Rockbell -
Looks kinda confused but still smiling at her.

Ashley Harris -
-All right this is what I was talking about... Hey, eh... Do you know how to get to the bear supply shop? .-

Christine Rockbell -
Her face gets more confused.

Uh.. Eh Yes! Of course I do, not too far away from here. I'll tell you.

Ashley Harris -

Almost run to get her bag from the couch and walks to the front door.

Christine Rockbell -
Wow, lot of excitement I see. I'd better rush take my stuff too.
Gets inside, picks up her stuff, looks at the mirror.
Woah zombie mode. Come on let me not be late.
Puts some sneakers and baggy jeans and a baseball season top. Walks toward the door.

-Ready to take you to the magic place? Yes, yes I know my morning jokes are bad
Don't mention.

Ashley Harris -

- For sure yeah, so. Eh...what? You talked to me? Sorry eh, are we ready to go?

Christine Rockbell -
I'm kinda feeling weird about this, she is quite mysterious, but damn I like it.

-Yes yes of course we are!

Ashley Harris -
-Lead the way.

Christine Rockbell -
Starts walking, in about 15 mins of walking the shop is on their sight.

-Here we are! So may I ask, if not too nosy. What's all about it?

Ashley Harris -
- Oh sorry, yeah some pals are coming to the neighborhood. Matt is an old friend and his father is working at the shop. Well he texted me and said he was relaxing at the pub two blocks from there... It's

Checking the message again.

-Corner? The corner pub?.

Christine Rockbell -
-Oh yeah I know that place, yes it's about two blocks from here!

I guess I should show her the way and leave? Because like how awkward will it be of me coming with her, meeting her old friends?

-If you take this road and turn right on the next block you'll see the place you're looking for!

Ashley Harris -
Stares at her thinking for a moment, then smiles.

-Oh, you are not leaving are you? I get lost so easily. I'm kinda the girl that used to get lost at any market or shop. So you are coming with me.

She looks excited and with a big smile, offering her hand to Christine.

Christine Rockbell -
Her cheeks get red, and a big smile shows up on her face.

-Damn! I'm offering to be your faithful guide around the town! Don't worry you'll get to learn everything here in no time.

Grabs her hand Let's go then!

Ashley Harris -
As they walk to the pub Ashley seems more and more happy. She was never like this since she moved to her father's house
They reach the pub. Now Ashley's face looks nervous. And she takes a long breath before going in.

Christine Rockbell -
Looks at her and smiles. Opens the door for her.

-A good guide I am, here we are.

Ashley Harris -
Makes a lil scream and goes in.

Christine Rockbell -
Damn she is like so .. Cute. Fuck me!

Ashley Harris -
As she enters she start searching with her sight
Suddenly they hear some cheering from a back table. Ashley jumps with another scream and waves while walking towards the table.

Christine Rockbell -
Hesitating she follows her up from the back, smiling but being pretty shy.

Ashley Harris -
A young tall boy stands up and starts talking at loud.

-"So you all remember little Ashley right? come on and cheer this little bastard llike a real pack member hell yeah!!! ".

The boys raised their beers pouring out some.

-Oh and, this is Christine she's my neighbor and the one doing your work you little abbandon bastards.


The boys Raises their beers again shouting Christine's name.

Christine Rockbell -
Her face is quite red, she rubs her neck and waves at everyone.

-Hey, nice to meet you all.

Ashley Harris -
Turns again to them.

-And this is Matt, my favourite guy in earth.

Punchs his arm.

-So are you gonna let us sit? Gimme that beer.

Christine Rockbell -
I think I might have never been more awkward in my whole life, but I am still tripping balls because she asked me to come with her damn, damn.

Ashley Harris -
-Allright let's do this dorks, what are you drinking? Is this red beer? Damn I missed this so much.

She rushed to grab it and takes a long sip.
Meanwhile Matt says:

-"Well well little Ashley I was hoping this place to turn you into an Angel. Not much of a paradise like they promised ugh?"-.

The guys laughed at loud along with Ashley
Turns to Christine.

-Are you drinking babe? You're not afraid of these dorks are you? They are useless and can't harm a fly.

Matt grabs Ashley with one arm and kisses her cheek.
-"Yeah we missed you too bastard"-.

Christine Rockbell -
-Uh, well don't take me as a party pooper but it's quite early for me so a coffee will be better!

Looks at Matt being all around Ash.
Could they.. be?

-Sorry to kill you boys! Beer comes later for me.

Ashley Harris -
The boys yawn in dissaproval but showing it's a joke so they laugh just before Matt orders a latte for Christine.

Christine Rockbell -
Gentle indeed!

Ashley Harris -
Some minutes and beers later. As they kept drinking and laughing. Some West Falls Highschool's Students comes into the pub wearing the School's Football team Uniform.
Suddenly the silence is uncomfortable and everyone is looking each other. After a minute they keep talking and laughing but Matt is staring to the School boys table.
Ashley doesn't seems to notice

Christine Rockbell -
Christine looks at the guys on the back then back to Matt, trying not to be nosey looking.
Eh... what's up with him?
Ash looks quite unaware, might be nothing? I guess.
Takes a sip from her coffee.

Ashley Harris -
Half an hour has passed and the drinks are over. So Matt stands up and says -" Well enough drinking for me, i gotta make some work at the shop to order the boxes i brought"-

Ashley Harris-
-Want some help, boy?

Matt- Yeah why not. Let's go boys.

Turns to Christine, visibly drunk and playful -Are you coming girl?

Christine Rockbell -
-Can't kill the joy, can I?

I haven't seen her so close ever since the day I met her. These boys do magic to her.

-How could I say no?

Laughs, puts her hand on her shoulder.

-Hope the others don't mind of course.

Ashley Harris -
-Oh don't worry we are fine and you'll be fine with them.

They all stand up and heads to the door. As they walk by the School boys table, A blond tall guy whispers something to Ashley and tries to grab her hand(edited)
He suddenly finds Matt's fist straight to his face and the madness begins. Matts take the blond guy by his jersey while the rest of the table stands up furious to run outside the pub, followed by Matt's boys. Meanwhile Ashley goes back to the table and runs outside behind them

At the street, the fight is general. Everyone against everyone. Ashley gets out a spots Matt fighting with the guy. She is carrying one of the glasses in her hand. As Matt spots her as well, he grabs the guy and hold him till Ashley ran towards him and smashed the glass into his face. When the guy was down, Matt grabbed Ashley Roughly and started kissing her. Ashley respoonds the same way. The moment is vanished by the police sirens and the respective alert to run away. So the boys head to the park while Ashley runs towards Christine to grab her hand and run away.

Christine Rockbell -
Christine has frozen up, she is confused and scared at the same time with all the tense going on, apart from seeing Ashley breaking a fucking glass on that guy's face.
Matt and her are kissing..?
Her eyes are wide open, she is so distracted and stressed, grabs Ash's hand and runs away, no thinking, just running.

Ashley Harris -
After a few blocks Ashley is exhausted and without air. She decides to sit down by the street and starts laughing softly.

-Damn I missed the old Brooklyn style.

She now lies looking at the sky and still laughing.

Christine Rockbell -
Christine's face is pale, she is out of breathe too. Sits just next to her.

-Alright, alright. Sorry to be a killjoy or whatever. But what the heck was that?

Her hands are shaking.

Ashley Harris -
Lighting a cigarette.

Christine Rockbell -
Tries to catch her breathe.

Ashley Harris -
Ashley seems to realize that she was with Christine.
-Oh sorry... Just the old boys having some fun.

Takes a long breath.

-I missed the old times. Helps me forget the shit.

Christine Rockbell -
Tries hard to look like she understands, or that she is cool.
Oh mon dieu! Alright that was a quite new experience for me,  like I thought I was a troublemaker? Damn this is fucked up and I am quite having a feeling they might get involved with the police and shit? Like no public fighting here.

Ashley Harris -
-You won't get scared about some small little mess right? Boys will be boys i guess.

Christine Rockbell -
Shaking voice.

-Uhm, eh I guess no? Alright you want honesty with me don't you? I am quite worried yes, I like you and don't want you to get in trouble that's all.

Ashley Harris -
Stares at her for a moment then gets up fast
This time she stares at her and anyone can tell she's angry
She starts talking in a rough way.

-Well im sorry but you don't have to worry about me allright? I didn't ask you to be part of my stupid life.

Walks some steps away and stands giving her back to Christine. Looking at the floor. Arms crossed.

Christine Rockbell -
-I.. I didn't mean it that way, okay? And it's not like you forced me into your life, I want to be a part of it.  You are no stupid or anything like that, but I am just, just worried sorry. I shouldn't have said that.

Looks at the ground.

Ashley Harris -
Small soft Groans. Ashley is trying not to show she's crying.

Christine Rockbell -
Her eyes go wide open, turn her around by grabbing her ffrom her shoulder.

-Fuck, no. I didn't, no. Sorry, sorry I..

Her voice cracks up.

-I'm a sucker sorry.

She seems wanting t hug her, but hesitatng because she might not wanting.

Ashley Harris -
-My Mother isn't divorced. My mother got shot by a stupid asshole that tried to steal her car. I lived some time alone and got into trouble. Then a judge said i had to live under parental Surveillance. That's why I came here.

Cries without disimulation and hugs Christine trying to search for a refuge in her chest.

Christine Rockbell -
Christine's eyes go fully teary,she groans her herself unable to breathe. Tries to spill words out of her mouth. Shaky voice.

-I..Did--didn't know...

Hugs her as tight as possible.
Ashley Harris

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