Alan Johnson - Character Sheet

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Alan Johnson - Character Sheet

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The Story of Alan Johnson

You enter the general store, at some of the Shelf's, stand a man ,in his mid 30th  with short hair and  tall, his skin looks pale, like he have not seen much sun in his life, talking to him self and searching the shelf looking for some painkillers. He take one of the pill bottles and head to the Counter. Definitely some one new in town you never have seen him before, Left of you is and old native American, his hair is adorned with feathers and he is clothed in fur, some bad movie cliche all over.
Leaned at some ice box, in the corner he notice you and then he follow your look to the new guy. „So you wanna know something about the new one, I can see it in your face?“ „You seems to be the guy how knows everything around here. They say.” you said “Well who ever 'they' are,which tell you this, they not totally wrong. I surely not knowing everything but many things, like who this fellow is” he nod to the counter.  
After a quick look at guy at the counter you decide „Fine tell me old man.“  „Then follow me outside I need to contact me with great spirit for that.” What he meant by that you realized a moment later, outside he draw a pipe out of his pocket and light it, with some Gas lighter with an engraved big silver Eagle on it, the smoke smelled sweet, probably some weed. He take a deep breath, then he breath out and for a second he is covered by mist after he reapers he stare in the distance. „The Story old man“ you start thinking this might was an failure. „Oh yeah, yeah the story forgive me the great spirit, is very talk active today“ he said with a grin. „Then let us sit down and I start telling“ he pointed to and old wooden bench, you both sit down and after another smoke he finally start to tell...

„These guy you have seen there his name Allan Johnson, for a short time he was an famous author.
„Allan Johnson, wait there rings a bell he wrote this book an „ The Tornado at the end of the Lane“ right.?“ The old man looks angry „Do not interrupt me when I'm connected with the great Spirit!“ he shout. You decide to keep your mouth shut until he finished at least he talks now you think. „ Yeah it is Indeed this Book, but lets start at the Beginning in

A mid-Western town

Allan lived there in a Cabin outside the town. Just he and his Typewriter and lots of bean Cans. His greatest success was the „Tornado at the End of the Lane“ A story about two girls, named Moira and Carol facing the obstacles of a lesbian relationship in a small town and had to save it from a huge Tornado.
The book was the right one at the right time and put him on the top of the Bestseller-list for a while. And like usual in such cases, his Publisher want him to produce more of the same and he did. Which not playing out very well.
The girls just saved another town these time from an earth quake and they relationship which was handled carefully in the first, developed more and more to a collection of sex scenes. Well especially fans could be mean sometimes, if they not get what they want, the continuation was not selling well and a whole bunch of “so called” fans let him know that they seen those characters rather dead, then have to read another book written from him.  
And that hit him very hard. Some headline in the local Newspaper, got his attention and there was an interview with some of those fans and what they said were not really nice carefully spoken.“ He take another deep breath and continues „ After that he started drinking and stop writing, he was hanging out in the town with filthy cloth and telling every one, who doesn't want to hear it how fucked up his live was and how ungrateful this rats they called them self Fans were.
And then one morning, he was found by a fisherman head down in the river, the fisherman drag him out of the water and brought him to the towns doctor.
I'm not sure whom, but some one called his Publisher John something, I don't remember the last name, cause he head no known friends or family and these guy had some father feelings for this middle aged man somehow, so he said to Allan he should pack his things and move some where else and start a new, to get some inspiration and his self in line.
He bought a house for him, were Allan could recover, it was huge enough for 4 persons to live in and not the cheapest in town, cause Allan had  some account with some money from the book sales he forgot about, at least enough to survive a few month before he run out of money.  And that's how end up here“ the old Indian smoked his pipe once more then he stare into the distance with an empty look for a second.
„Well It seems my services are needed some were else,I have to guide these tourist group over the old Indian Cemetery”. “Hey wait, how could you know all that things?” His mouth warp to a flat smile. “ I'm the guy how knows ? You said it your self.?
He stand up, still with the pipe in his hands.„Well I better take the short cut in the alley then“ he turned around and walks into a small alley. „But there is no way through the alley its a dead end” you shout at him.“ Right at that moment, the old Indian vanished in a cloud of mist.
After it clears he's gone just a single white feather drops at the floor where he stood seconds before. You run over there and check out the alley, empty just a red brick wall at the end. „This can't be you say...“

You stand up from your desk and went to the grand mirror at the wall near by and look into it „Yeah this can't be Alan, I mean an Old  mysterious Indian who knows things and disappear into thin air, that so much cliche maybe you should put your Biofiction on hold for a while.“

Allan examined his self in the mirror, he really look as crap as he has described him self in the script. The most of the things he wrote there were true, the whole thing was thought as token of gratitude for his longtime fans he still head, even he haven't published anything since his breakdown.

He headed towards the desk and took the site from his type-writer and put it in the drawer on pile of other pages. Then he went downstairs and garbed some bean can from the kitchen shelf and some spoon, he opened it and start eating the beans.
The suns started to set as he entered his big living-room, he moved to the left window next to the front door. << What a lovely evening>> he thought, some neighbors sprinkler stopped with his daily work and some girl in a garden of the other side of the street,  throw a Frisbee and a white Labrador catches it and brought it back to her.
Alan smiled << John was right this new environment will recharge my batteries and tomorrow I will, like Moira would say :“Find time to change some shit.“>> He smiled and watched the sun set, as he finished his beans.

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