Chapter 3 -"A bed Of Moretz Roses"-

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Chapter 3 -"A bed Of Moretz Roses"-

Post by Ashley Harris on Tue Jul 05, 2016 11:01 am

Chapter 3

Ashley Harris - 
Ashley Opens her eyes, lying on the bed, staring at the room ceiling
Damn... How much did i sleep?
Scratching her eyes and yawning. A horrible headache is torturing her.
Shakes her head and gives it a massage trying to make the pain go away


Stands up and walks to the window right after stretching


Her phone vibrates for a second. When she takes it she sees a lot of messages from Matt and some trashed selfies. 12 Missed calls...
Ashley smiles before wearing some shorts and going to the bathroom to look for some pills.

Kate Moretz -
-I dont want to wake up, never again.                                                                                                                             

Turns around and stays in her warm nest.

Ashley Harris - 
Ashley's head almost hit the table before she wakes up again, still holding a cup of coffe with her right hand
Damn I'm so damn comfortable, I almost want to go back to bed. But I really want to change my air.

Christine Rockbell -
Christine laying on her couch, her eyes look tired and redish. She hasn't slept all night thinking about Ashley. 
Ugh.. What, what time is it already..If it's a proper hour to call for a day off on my work I probably should do it. I was such an asshole once again. Fuck I had so much to tell her when, when she hugged me but I couldn't spare a word. FUCK.
Gets up being decisively, picks up the phone and calls to the coffe place where she works, her voice is closed from the night crying but trying to make it normal sounding.

-Hello, yes it's me Christine, You guessed right sir, I'm quite sick so I am calling off today.. Yes yes thank you I will be safe and sound by tomorrow.

Puts down her phone, takes a long breathe.
Fuck calls, I am going to Ash's house.
Washes her face, puts some whatever clothes, picks up her hair on a bun and goes infront of Ash's door. Long breathe and rings the door
If her dad opens I will have to so not panic.

Ashley Harris - 
Ashley is walking down the road, smoking from time to time and enjoying how the warm sun caress her skin.
After a 5 minute stop at the park she starts walking another street of the neighborhood

Christine Rockbell -
Christine scratches her head.
Ugh no one is there seems like it, well Ash mentioned she isn't really sleeping too much here. She could be with .. that Matt again? I mean I'm not jealous am I? WTF Christine move your damn ass you're not here to check who's Ash's bf.. Even tho it bugs me.. UGH.
Starts walking through the neighborhood.
Ok I could call her, but then again she wont reply would she? Worth a try.
While walking she starts calling Ash..
If not answering CSI Westside Waterfalls can do

Ashley Harris - 
Ashley stops as her phone starts vibrating. Before answering she sits on a house porsche.

-What's it?
-I mean, hello?

Christine Rockbell -
Christine's really surprised and mumbles.

-Uh.. Uhm Hey-Hey! It's Chr-Christine, I-I was wondering uhm if we know meet up? 
Like I went to your house a moment ago b-but you didn't seem to be there of course I remembered you said you are not staying there too much.

Stop talking non sense dumbass.

-Ehh, so if you'd like to meet up somewhere?

Ashley Harris - 
-Uh yeah sure...I'm...eehhh...

Looks aroung and spots the house mailbox

-I'm at... reads Moretz residence, it seems.

As she was talking, and walking back from the mail box, Ashley stumbles and falls all into some roses at the front garden, making a loud scream

-Damn! For fuck sake what do I have in my head... Dumb me.

Christine Rockbell -
She also screams being scared.

-Oh! Ugh yes yes, I got it I'll be there in a moment and please tell me you are ok?

Ashley Harris - 
Ashley tries to clean up the grass, taking the phone back.

-Uh yeah. i think.

I hope nobody saw me

Christine Rockbell -

-I'll be there in a moment, you might meet Kate living there, she is quiet and nice. See you soon!

Ashley Harris - 
Shuts the phone and takes a quick look to the smashed roses, trying to gather the rest of them

Kate Moretz -

-What was that?  Thats sounded like someone screaming in the front yard. I better check if everthing is fine.

Walks to the window and sees a girl in the yard doing something with the flowers

Ashley Harris - 
Damn Damn Damn...I hope nobod.....
Sees a girl by the window and immediately drops the flowers

-Oh, hi...I'm... I'm Ashley.

Waves the hand to her and smiles nervously

-I, I can fix this, eeeh... I can get you more flowers, as soon as I get some money.

Ashley is almost screaming because she is way too nervous
Yes, I know, you probably hate me...

Kate Moretz -
Oh ..... hey.


omg... this situation - so arkward.

-It's alright. Most of them seem to be still alive.

But how did this even happen? I mean. Why is she even in my garden ....

Ashley Harris - 
Gets closer to the window

-Oh sorry i was just walking by. My phone ringed and I stopped to talk. Dumb me, I'm sorry ill get this fixed. Uh... Are you kate? A friend of mine mentioned your name.

Kate Moretz -
-Yes. That's right, and don't worry. How is the name of your friend?

Ashley Harris - 
-Uh, Christine, the girl next door. I don't know if you really know her, or she was just saying. Anyway, I'll leave you alone, sorry for the incident. I'll compensate I promise.
-I didn't mean to disturb...

Looks At the floor when she sees some blood drops on it

Damn, my arm, I might got injured with the roses

Kate Moretz -
Notices the blood.

-That looks painfull. I get a bandage for you.

Disappears in the house.

Ashley Harris - 
-Oh tha... Doesn't see the girl anymore.. Thanks...

Damn.. Shes sneaky

Kate Moretz -
Front door opens.

-Hey. I have the bandage. May i wrap it around your arm?

Christine Rockbell -
Christine walks towards Kate's house and spots both of them, waves

Ashley Harris - 
Hears the girl and takes some steps to the front door

-uh, yes.

How do I manage to get myself into these things

Kate Moretz -
While carefully taking care of her injury she sees a girl waving at her.

-Isn't that your friend we talked about?

Ashley Harris - 
Takes a look on top of her shoulder

-Yes she is, indeed.

Stares at Christine walking to them, then looks back to her arm.

Christine Rockbell -
Gets closer.

-Good morning you two smiles.


-So that was the scream for.

Ashley Harris - 
Looks at Christine, with a serious face but wondering eyes.
Is it everything cool after last night?
Looks back to Kate while she notices that the work on her arm is done.
takes a look at her new bandage.

-Wow, you really know what you are doing... I can tell.
-So, Kate. Mind if I get your number? In case Im near death again.

Tries to sound funny despite of having a real serious face

-... And to let you know when I have the roses. Cause I will, I promise.

Kate Moretz -
Sure. Here is my number. 


Ashley Harris - 
Takes a look while typing into her cell phone. Then smiles at her and makes a medieval reverence trying to be funny again.
Then turns around to see what Christine is doing

Christine Rockbell -
Christines face is quite sad looking, she is looking to the ground saying nothing.
I know I am an asshole, but I need to talk to her about it.. Ugh what a shitty french person am I, I haven't even talked to Kate at all where is my savoir-vivre? I'm so dumb ..

Ashley Harris - 
Ashley was starting to walk towards Christine when she hears some music. And a car getting closer by the road
A car with loud music drives slowly by the street. Going even slower when it comes across with the girls. Heavy looks. Ashley stares at the car.  Placing the eye of a lion like if her heart was on fire at that precise moment. Four persons can be seen in the car. The driver... A boy, with a long suture on the right side of his face, is also looking heavily at Ashley

Christine Rockbell -
Christine looks at Ash and immediately on the car.
Is that a round 2? Jesus

Ashley Harris - 
The car continues as the boy breaks the looking and drives away.

-What were those shitheads doing here?

Christine Rockbell -
-Uhm, I would say I have no clue who they are.

Stops for a moment.

-I thought you might knew.

Ashley Harris - 
-As far as I can tell, they are the morons we met last night.

Kate Moretz -
Who were these guys. and what did they want

Christine Rockbell -
I wouldn't be afraid with you here.


-Alpha girl.

I'm so not funny today, that was rather offensive, okay I suck.

-I mean you know I'm teasing you right?

Ashley Harris - 
Looks at Christine for a second, no reaction. Then looks back to Kate

-Do you know them?

Christine Rockbell -
Yes you are officially an asshole good..
Takes off her phone, not to look so desperate

Kate Moretz -
-No. They looked angry. Are you both in trouble?

Christine Rockbell -
That's my time to show I'm not an asshole, or I hope so.

-No not at all, just some confusion happened yesterday nothing I believe too remarkable.

Looks at Ash waiting for her response.

Ashley Harris - 
Looks angry as well and  tightening her fist

Christine Rockbell -
I'd better not talk, really..

Ashley Harris - 
Ashley seems to come back from his breakdown and stares at the girls with a strange looking. Totally, empty. With a total lack of feelings

-Nevermind, I don't really care. And don't worry Kate. I was just asking cause I was afraid they had anything to do with you. I mean why were they at the neighborhood?.

Stares at Christine and takes a deep breath.

-So, what are we doing, then?
-oh and, stay safe, Kate.  I'll call you soon.

Kate Moretz -
-Alright. Have fun you two smiles at them

Ashley Harris - 
Takes a rose from the floor.

- I'm keeping one, so to remember not to mess around at unknown people's Porsches.

Christine Rockbell -
Smiles back at Kate.

-We'll talk soon Kate, it's a shame we haven't gone for a coffee or a movie these days!

Looks back at Ash for a moment, feeling totally awkward but leaning for a hug.

-Uhm, sorry that was weird, alright well I'd really offer we go to the forest next to the city, it's quiet and beautiful a nice place to talk without assholes interrupting us.

Ashley Harris - 
-If you say so.

She said, while lighting a new cigarette

Christine Rockbell -
-I promise you'll like it Or at least I hope so.

Starts walking, deep in thoughts and with a lost stare on her eyes

Christine takes a long and deep breath, looks up to the sky and then straight to Ashley.

-Listen Ash, I value what we have as a relationship, yeah I might sound childish, like blah blah blah I know you only couple of days whatever, but I do enjoy and wouldn't trade what we share here. So I wanna speak truthfully and straight to you. No time for extra talk.

Takes another long breath.
Here I go.
Ashley Harris

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