Chapter 4-"Of men and teenagers"-

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Chapter 4-"Of men and teenagers"-

Post by Ashley Harris on Thu Jul 07, 2016 11:58 am

Chapter 4.-

Ashley Harris -
Walking while smoking softly... Eyes straight to the road

Christine Rockbell -
-You know I could be either a chickenshit pussycat or a complete asshole acting like nothing happened but I won't. I'm not like that, I know and I can see you've gone through lot of crap in your life and I don't want to be one one of them. So to make things straight, first I need to apologize for being like that, it was an overreaction from my side but seems I have been living in a fake paradise, after... she stops for a little and looks at Ash I hope you are with me so far, after.. my mom left from the country. I promise I will explain you everything about that later as this isn't the main goal of this monologue. No it really isn't. The main pont of it is to tell you, my overreaction was due to .. yes fucking caring about you, I know this is a shit cliché saying by bulshit people but in my case I feel it and I know how to be honest. Takes a long breathe So yes, I'm not a fighting person, I don't like being part of long fights or vendettes but I'm not letting you be alone to that. I wanna help you with those asshole who the fuck ever they were and with whatever they wanted to do with you or your friend, Matt if I recall. Her face looks really serious and deep in thouht I don't know what I am talking about, maybe ranting or whatever but sighs but.. I just made a start to it. I am up to tell you everything on my mind and thoughts, you make me trust you for some weird and unexplicable reason without even trying. So if you feel even at a small percentage the same with me, I'd like to talk with you in more depth, I have some questions..

Turns around waiting for an answer.

Ashley Harris -
As Christine was turning around she receives a quick kiss on her cheek. Ashley is looking at her with the naughtiest smile ever. But her eyes really shows she's being funny and really enjoying
She pats Christine's shoulder

-Look at you punk emo girl. I've never seen you like that before. Where were you hiding that crazy temperamental bitch all this time?.

Makes a small pause to release a small laugh.

-Oh ignore me, I'm just kidding. Girl I feel you really hear me when I don't do the same with you. Just, don't make me owe you so much. And don't mind explaining me so many things. You are here, walking with me, that is something ... Even more than I saw from other people. Except for the boys...


Christine Rockbell -
Christine's serious face breaks and laugh comes out.
Am I officilally the drama queen of Westside Waterfalls? I won't lie to myself, damn Chrissy girl, she values me maybe not as much as Matt but I can work on that for sure. Okay how weird I am one moment I am talking to her apologizing and the other moment I'm being a jealous asshole over Matt. But I acted it cool right? I mean I acted like not being sure about his name.. AM I OVERTHINKING THIS? UGH.

-Hey hey, you owe me nothing maybe a dat...

Her face gets red, while she can't believe what she almost said, raises her voice to cover the last thing she said.

-A movie night!

I wanna ask her quite a few questions but I might fuck up the moment so hard and I don't want that ehh.. Maybe not now?

Ashley Harris -
Ashley is looking at the sky while she walks
I need to expand my flying moments. Why can't I fly more frequently...
Turns to Christine

-You better choose a movie that doesn't kill us both in boredom this time...

Still watching at the road...lost.

Christine Rockbell -
-Hey! I'm offended!


-What about this time you choose one? Like here's the deal you text me any movie you want I download it because I'm an illegal pirate like that and we watch it.

Smiles and her face is brighter than it has been whole day

Ashley Harris -
Ashley's Cell phone rings
She pull it away while looking around.

-Okay... No roses around.

Walks some steps away from Christine and answers.

-Hi... Yes! I know, I saw all of them... What...what did you do after...

Christine Rockbell -
Christine tries to look chill but still trying to hear what Ashley is saying
I guess Matt again? OK stop Christine man ugh, do I like her that much?

Ashley Harris -
-Y.... As well... Laughs... No! Not at all... D... Nice... You bet I will...
-D.. Don't say that, you know I did... W... On... Okay... Yes you know I did, I'm telling you..

After some soft laughs Ashley takes her phone down and ends the call
She walks to catch up Christine.

-So... Matt wants me to help him at the shop. So after I do... I'll text you some movies titles. Maybe we can help that library to be more... "Cool".


Christine Rockbell -
Smiles back at her.

-Ow then, I guess you'd like me to take you back to your house? If you don't remember the way there I could take you, or Matt could I don't know if you talked about it.

Why am I so nervous really? I'm so lacking of communicating skills? Or not? Why am I talking ot myself 99% of the time?

Ashley Harris -
Looks at Christine

-Well you can always join me anyway and we can go home later. But I don't want to pervert the little angel.

Makes an exaggerated funny face.

Christine Rockbell -
Pushes her shoulder friendly.

-The little drama angel you mean? I wouldn't mind joining like I already took a day off today so why not!

Ashley Harris -
-Then straight to the bear, girl.

After the trip down to the big bear they arrive almost at night
Matt is smoking a cigarette at the shop's door
When at hand, Ashley jumps to him giving a hug

"-Hi smasher. And hi Christine. He said"

Christine Rockbell -
Waves at Matt.

-Hey Matt

Ashley Harris -
He invites them in. The shop is full of boxes and furniture.  A TV is somehow on.

-Do you want to drink anything? He asks
- Beer is fine.

Christine Rockbell -
Smiles at him.

-Well now that it's not morning I will bear with a beer, thanks for the offer

Ashley Harris -
-Matt:- I hope you didn't get scared yesterday Christine. I apologize. I'm not used to this town yet.

-Oh stop playing the saint you...

Matt takes two beers from the fridge and delivers them to the girls.

Christine Rockbell -
Looks at Ash and then at Matt.

-Don't even mention it, it gave me a bit more action in my life, it's been quite boring and totally into schedule so that was not bad, and thanks for the beer.

Ashley Harris -
Ashley gives Matt an approval looking

-Matt: "Damn, so you already fell under this little bastard charm. It is addicting, isn't it?"

Christine Rockbell -
Looks at Matt.

-Uhm, sorry you are talking to me? Well if so talking about Ash, she has that quite different spirit which I won't lie I like a lot.

Takes a sip from her beer.

Ashley Harris -
Ashley smiles and makes an "I told you" face to Matt.

Christine Rockbell -
Looks at both of them quite confused.
Is that.. An answer to the question game "I know you like me"? damn.

Ashley Harris -
Matt walks to an already installed music system and turns the shop music on.
-Matt: " then , we can maybe have some fun... And see if you really can be one of us ".
Christine Rockbell -
I wouldn't say I love how it goes, but I dont want to disappoint Ash and indeed I wanna prove her.

-Is this a kind of mystic club I am part of?


Ashley Harris -
They both laugh

-Maybe, we wanna hit the pLace. And see what happens. Right matt?
-Matt: " You are right "...

After some beers and laughs. They start walking to the Disco near the corner pub.

Ashley Harris -
Sights, laughs, Ashley is so excited and jumping while singing . Matt jokes around while joining ash at the singing. Not much people at the street.
Finally they reach the pLace. Matt makes a gesture to Ashley and she walks to the doorman, leaving them waiting.

Christine Rockbell -
Am I the only one seeing they have a great affection? Maybe they are dating, right? Like Ash seems fluid but I guess still straight
Looks at Ash.

-Tell me I am not breaking any glass to anyone's face, Right?


Ashley Harris -
Matt looks at her and laugh

-Matt: " Oh no, just some charming ".

As Matt turns his sight to Ash again, she's laughing with the man and makes a gesture to them.

Christine Rockbell -
Looks at Matt.

-Are we going in?

Ashley Harris -
-Matt:" You bet we are "

Pats her back in order to walk in.

Christine Rockbell -
Alright, I might regret that soon but I hope it will be fine, like a doorman even? What are these anyway? Am I part of any american movie? I am a french girl, all about democracy and culture what am I dragging myself into? Ugh stop overthinking asshole.

Ashley Harris -
Inside, the boys are waiting in a table, next to the dance floor. As they walk towards them, the greetings start and it's all laughs while Matt goes to the bar to buy a round.
Ashley takes Christine's hand to have a sit

Christine Rockbell -
Smiles to her.


Ashley Harris -
As Matt comes back, a man brings a complete round. After some minutes, another comes. Completing 4 rounds when half an hour has passed.

Christine Rockbell -
To take this right now I need to fucking drink, or my thoughts will kill me.

Ashley Harris -
-Matt:" All right all right boys... Our little Ash here, says this gorgeous girl, Christine, can be one of us... What do you think? Maybe it's time to make an initiation "

The boys scream at once encouraging the moment.
Matt takes a small bag from his pocket.

-Matt: " I have one for each one of you".  Delivers a small pill to the boys
-Matt:- "But, I have just one..extra. So, how is this gonna be?"

Ashley rushes to take the pill
The boys screams again and laugh

Matt:- " Oh no, she's not doing it.. Is she"

Christine Rockbell -
I dont know if it's the alcohol but what's going on?
Looks to the boys with a lost sight.

Ashley Harris -
Matt and the boys put their pills in their mouths. Then they stare at Ashley

Ashley put the only pill left in her mouth and bites it. Then she turns to Christine with a deep smile. She opens her mouth and takes her tongue out, where the two half's of the pill can be seen. She leans to Christine, waiting

Christine Rockbell -
I am not sure what that pill is but I dont quite care really, her lips look so soft.
Grabs Ash head and kisses her to take from her mouth the other half.

Kate Moretz -
(Drug glorification ✔   )
(Extra commentary: I couldn't erase this comment haha, Katie's spontaneous statement was epic hahahaha.)

Ashley Harris -
The boys exploded in a scream as Ashley keeps kissing Christine till she breaks the kiss to laugh and join the cheering.

Christine Rockbell -
Christine laughs too, she is out of space from drinking.

Ashley Harris -
-Matt:- "All right that was intense. Now let's fuck this place out".

Ashley stands up and cheers with them. Then she takes Christine by the hand and jumps to the dancefloor.

Christine Rockbell -
Looks to Ash, her eyes can't focus enough.

-You are rather sexy, loving your hair. I think I never told you before.
Or I have, but still you look amazing.

She cant stop smiling.

Ashley Harris -
-You are... High!

Laughs at loud and starts jumping and singing.

Christine Rockbell -

-Damn, I might!

Joins her at singing and places her arm on Ash's shoulder.

-Think we can rock a proper duet?


-Probably not.

Ashley Harris -
The girls kept singing while the boys cheered and the night went by, fast and crazy.
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