Chapter 5 -"Down the Falls"-

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Chapter 5 -"Down the Falls"-

Post by Ashley Harris on Thu Jul 07, 2016 2:25 pm

Chapter 5

Ashley Harris -
The sun awaked Ashley. Making her eyes hurt because of the brightness. She was lying on an improvised bed.
Is this? Yes, this is The Bear...Did I?
She looked around searching for Christine or Matt or anybody

Christine Rockbell -
Christine tries to open her eyes, having flashbacks of last night.
Ugh,my head is hurting, everything is so spinning.. Jesus what did I drink last night..? I remember all that happened or .. these were imagination? Damn my head hurts so much AND I HAVE WORK TODAY fuck, but more importantly did I kiss .. Ashley? Focus Christine.. If I can get up and have a glass of water.. Maybe I will feel better? But where the heck is Ash, Matt and the others?

Ashley Harris -
Walking towards the window, Ashley sees Matt by the bar. He's preparing a milkshake.
Where...where are my pants?
Trying to sneak out when Matt spots her

-Matt:"Don't run away Harris, not before taking this, you need it.

Allright dignity come to me.
She smiled and waved, before walking the way she was dressed to the bar

Christine Rockbell -
Christine holds her head and gives a look around, she is laying on the floor of her house. Next to her there is an empty bottle of whiskey.
Oh man, at least I'm home? Maybe Matt drived me? Wasnt he wasted as fuck too? Gets up slowly not to fall, walks to the bathroom holding from every wall on the house and washs her face.
I literally look like a zombie, maybe zombies even look better.. Ok now that I'm kind of sane or I believe so .. Where is Ash? I need to call her.. Fuck what time is it? where is my phone.. Why am I so lost?
Walks back to the living room her bag is also laying on the floor, searches a bit for her phone, turns it on "5 missed calls" Wow, what? When? Checks the time 12pm.
So it's not practically morning I see now.
5 missed calls from her mother, talking loud to herself.
I wish it was Ash not you dumbass.. Whatever.
Calls Ash..

Ashley Harris -
Ashley's phone starts vibrating...

-Oh...ah...wait..wait...hang on a sec...wait..I have to take this call...

Ashley's breath is going fast but trying to speak normal


Christine Rockbell -
Her voice is cracky and sounding so tired, but still happy to hear her

-"Always Me, Where are you..? And the others? Did Matt brought me home? If so please thank him for me.

Clears her throat.

-Yesterday was by far the best day in my couple last years of being here.

Ashley Harris -
-Uh, yeah I think he brought you home.. Ugh


-Shh stop it I can't concentrate.
-Yeah I needed that too. I'm at Matt's shop I'll be by the neighborhood soon.... Gotta go.

Matt's voice sounds close to the phone

-Matt: "Bye Christine".

And the call gets cut.

Christine Rockbell -
Laughs and looks at the phone.
Her voice is so nice, UGH what the fuck is wrong with me I am falling hard for her, I need to make up my mind really. Either that or be sure she is not with Matt..? I'd better make a coffee.

Ashley Harris -
Some time later a bike arrives The Falls. Ashley and Matt are talking closely hanging out by the parked bike. At Ashley's house front door.

Christine Rockbell -
Christine hears the sound of the bike and goes to the window.
Oh it's Ash!.. And Matt yeah.
Goes outside waving to them.

-Good.. Morning I guess!

Ashley Harris -
-Are you at the Bermuda Triangle? I know... We all loose time conscience within our nights.

Walks Towards Christine and offers a fists greeting.

Christine Rockbell -
Fists her back and places her arm around her shoulder.

-Could be! But still had fun even though I probably drunk more alcohol at one night that I had the last year.

Ashley Harris -
Matt talks from behind

-Matt:"Well that's what happens when you let Ash lead".
-Well but this girl here kicked the night's ass for sure. She proved to be a decent raver. And of course she is the one leading during the day.

-So, what are we doing today?

Christine Rockbell -
Even though that girl remembers almost nothing from yesterday, but..

-I haven't woke up on the floor since I was living in Fr-..stops for a moment Since a long time. Well I'm all yours till 4pm after that I have my shift on the cafeteria, but you could always join me there. Free coffee!

Ashley Harris -
-Sounds like a plan.

-Matt:"Well evil ones, no matter how you insisted for me going with you two, i have to get that boxes unpacked before tonight or my dad will become a real Devil. So ill catch you up another time."

He turns the Bike's engine on
Ashley walks towards him and whispers something. They say goodbye to each other, and they kiss.
After that, Matt dissapears by the road.

Christine Rockbell -
Stares at both of them, bites her down lip and looks away till Matt leaves

Ashley Harris -
Ashley walks back to Christine and lights a Cigarette

-Ill sure take that coffee later. So i'll follow your lead by now.

Christine Rockbell -
As Ash lights her cigarette, Christine takes it from her mouth and puffs.

-For the free coffee.


-Uhm, one moment my... phone...

She rolls her eyes.

-I need to pick it up.
-Yeah.. What do you want? No.. I didn't have it close to me, don't freak, like I said what do you want? Whatever I'll send it to you, Bye

Turns around and looks back to Ash.

-Alright after that short pause...

Ashley Harris -
Ashley is taking another cigarette... With an odd look in her eyes.

Christine Rockbell -
She exales the smoke.

-I'm an occasional smoker, or the look is for the call? If so it's nothing just my mothe- the person who I grew up with. Spoiler alert she is an asshole.
And once I said that, I haven't met your father yet?
Or I guess even seen him.

Ashley Harris -
-Don't mind about him. I Don't know if he wants to know anyone.

She keeps smoking and starts walking down the road

Christine Rockbell -
-I see...

She says and walks with her.

-So as my mind is toasted, thanks to you, I have no clue what are we doing today.

Looks at her.

-You know Ash, I know you for quite a while now but never asked you what are you looking for here. I mean any studies? Job?

Ashley Harris -
-Ugh, I think that was coming sooner or later. I guess I'll have to study, and I'm here for the Falls Highschool. Nice shit right? To get in one of the hardest schools ever for just one year, and also the last one.

Why me?... Fuck...

-And i guess i should be working. Since Im just blowing up my dad's reserves.

Christine Rockbell -
-Well I went to that shit too, high society motherfuckers from rich families I guess not so bad. Wanted to go there for a chance to go to University of Berkeley, didn't happen sadly. Still working on it but I'm probably not what they are searching for.Anyway, don't stress it I'm sure you'll do great and be sure you are doing it for yourself not for anyone else.

Looks to the sky.

Ashley Harris -
Smokes silent

-There's only one place I know. What if we hit that. It's a surprise.

Christine Rockbell -
-I am down for it, just be sure we are not losing the road. I'm teasing you
Lead the way.

Ashley Harris -
They walked to the bus stop and got onto it. Ashley found a seat by the window with another free seat next to it. As she sat down she rested her head by the bus window and stared at the sky with a lost sight.
For real, boy, what am I going to do with my life. I love hanging out and all. But I know sometime soon this horrible looping life will smash my head against reality. For now, better live this day like the last one. And everyday... Oh god that was so cursy and cliche. Well... I can try, anyway.
After half an hour the bus reached the last stop at a forest road and the near bus station. Ashley pats Christine's elbow to see if she is awake and walked to the bus door.
The day was calm, not too hot and there was no wind. The forest in front of them was quiet and only birds could be heard.

-All right, I didn't bring a blanket and a basket but I bet you'll love this.

She said, playing with her hair and with a look in her eyes appearing to be expecting  for something to lead the way in the woods.

-Okay, got it, this is the way...

Christine Rockbell -
Christine takes a look around admiring the beautiful scenery.

-This is really nice and quite romantic.

Did I say just that? I mean she might be hardshell and absolutely soft core, really cute I'd say.

-Are we going for a picnic Because if so, you have guessed one of my favorite things on the whole world! Lead me to your magical place!

Grabs her hand.

Ashley Harris -
- I don't know if we gonna eat anything but... Papayas?

She joked while leading Christine to a wooden road into the deep forest. The sun rays could be seen through the trees, warming their faces everytime they got across one of those rays. The forest remained in silence till a soft low sound could be heard. It was watter falling. Still not too close to them.

Christine Rockbell -
Laughs at her, while looking at the sun rising above them. At times she seems to be taking deep breaths and enjoying everything about this walk with Ashley.

-I don't mind eating anything really, this is by far the most amazing thing we could do together. I really needed some relaxation here before my work. But hey do you hear that water sound?

Ashley Harris -
Soon enough, they arrived to a small forest lagoon where the sound of a waterfall was more intense but still no signs of it.

All Right, time to prettend to be the best girl scout ever... Or not. Damn me, I'm being so childish today.

-Okay let me check...

Looks at her phone, reading apparently some instructions on it.

-"Follow the lagoon heading north for about 10 minutes"

She said at loud looking at Christine while talking.

Christine Rockbell -
Christine's face looks so bright and happy, her eyes are shiny and she can't stop holding Ash's hand.
Wow wait, she did research on that? That's really nice of her damn, I am crushing hard over her.. But still this is by far the best dat-.. Ok maybe not too fast captain. Probably not a date but still a lovely move from her side.. I need to be more crative too hmm.

-You're such a nerd, I love it! But I have to admit I give you 11 out of 10 for this place.

Ashley Harris -
-Save the bullets kid, and better head...THAT way!

She said secure. And pulled her hand so Christine follows
They Walked along the lagoon till they finally met the famous Waterfalls in all their majesty.

Christine Rockbell -
Christine's eyes go wide and she makes a funny sounding scream.

-Oh mon Dieu!

She starts jumping out of excitement, pulls Ashley and runs towards the waterfall.

-I hope you don't go chickenshit and will go for a swim in here!

Ashley Harris -
Ashley threw an evil laugh before running to the border of the water and took her shirt off, showing that she wasn't wearing a bra under it

(For information purposes if this was a movie or TV show nothing is shown you'll just see her from her back)

Then she pulled her pants off and jumped to the water

-Come on lazy girl the piranhas won't wait!

She said, smiling and then laughing again.

Christine Rockbell -
Break in laughter after seeing her going like that and takes off her clothes, throwing them to the ground without even having second thoughts. Takes some steps back, starts running and jumps to the water right next to Ash, so the water goes on her face.

-Damn! I think I haven't lived like that in years!

Ashley Harris -
-Just be alert for when you feel a bite on your toes, that's the time to go out.

She joked.

Christine Rockbell -
-Nah, I think there is always the alternative of jumping on your back and you get me out!

Laughs and throws water on Ash's face.

Ashley Harris -
Answers the water fight.

-Maybe I'll bite you and you'll need the piranhas help to get out of here.

As Ashley was joking, and they messed a bit more in the water. They could see how the climate suddenly started to change. The sky went grey and a strong rain started to fall. Ashley rushed out of the water, laughing and taking her clothes back.

-Is this...? Normal?.

She said, while looking at the sky.
The water from the lagoon has been receiving the strong sun heat for some days. With the cold rain falling over it, the place turned in a warm steamy swamp.

They Ran Back into the forest to avoid the massive falling sky.

-Damn, wait, I think I read it is not a good idea to be near trees when a storm is going on, right?
-Maybe it's time to go home.

Ashley started walking back to the road through the forest, heading to the bus station. And back home.

Christine Rockbell -
-Well, maybe a more tropical climate on the forest? I think I read so and from my sucky geograpphy knowledge, it's commom for tropical forests to have rain suddenly. Then again I wasn't the best student you'd ever find.

Laughs while putting her hair on a bun for the water not to go down on her face.

Ashley Harris -
Looking at the Bus window while squeezing her hair. Smile to Christine's words but without saying anything.

Christine Rockbell -
A while back I'd start ranting and thinking what she might be thinking, but really it's probably her way of being. Sometimes she prefers some silent moments which I start enjoy either.
Lays back on her chair, smiling looking really relaxed.

Ashley Harris -
After some time they arrive back at the town. The bus drives away as Ashley is looking at her clothes.

-Well, I swear I didn't mean the rainy part. Come home, we can have something warm and this time I will give you some clothes. Sorry, no cartoons stuff.

And Hello world! This is me inviting someone home for the first time ever. Did I loose my antisocial habit? Well I can make an exception. It won't hurt my pride.

Christine Rockbell -
-I have yet to try the metal look, though I doubt it would look that good on me as they suit you more but I'm down for it, and hey! Don't feel bad about it really, we had a lot of fun. Maybe you can make me look more hardcore... ok I'm such a nerd really. Lead me to your cave!

Ashley Harris -
They walked up the road and straight to Ashley's home.

Christine Rockbell -
Wait a moment, did she just tell me to come over her house? I just damn realized that and I think I am more happy than before which was more happy that I have ever been the last year, stop Chrissy ugh enjoy the moment

Ashley Harris -
As they were reaching the house, a car is parked on the garage. Ashley's face changed. He puts her right hand in front of Christine's belly. Making her stop. But without saying anything. She starts walking slowly to the door.
As she puts the key in the door, this one gets opened. Mr Harris is standing by the door, carrying a bag.
Ashley is paralyzed. Looking at him. Eyes wide opened.

-D... Dad?

Mr Harris walks out, smoking a cigarette and looking at the girls. He walks towards the car and opens the trunk. Leaving the bag there.

"-So, you are still alive. Nevermind, Im just here for some stuff. And you, make sure you don't get into trouble because of her. Later...-"

He said to Christine, getting into the car and starting the engine, driving away.

Christine Rockbell -
-Hello Miste...

Says while he walks away.

-Uhm, everything is cool right Ash?

Her dad just creeped the shit out of me, is it me or that dude looks like he might have been part of the mafia since he was born? Maybe I am exaggerating much? Or not?

Ashley Harris -
-Let just get inside.

She said, walking into the house.

Christine Rockbell -
Follows her up without saying a word.

Ashley Harris -
-You can go up to my room. Upstairs, just the room at the right. I'll be with you in a moment.

Ashley closed the door behind Christine.

Christine Rockbell -
-Sure, I just hope I won't soil anything here!

Walks upstairs, heading to ash's room.

Ashley Harris -
After some minutes. Ashley walks into the room. Her eyes are clearly teary. But her face is just the usual.

-Okay, let me see...

She walks to the wardrobe and starts "Diving" into it.
Throwing clothes out of it, she comes back outside it with two items.

-So, you are at Harris territory now, I'll let you choose. But these will be the options.

She places to shirts at the bed. At the left, A NOFX jersey. At the right, an ACDC one. Below them, a black jeans short matching the NOFX jersey, and a Basketball short below the ACDC one.
Ashley is looking steady at Christine, like waiting for her to dare.

Christine Rockbell -
Christine looks straight to Ash's eyes for a moment and then down to the clothes and picking up the NOFX match

-I think this will be the outfit of the day! May I change on the bathroom or here? I mean you already seen me in underwears I don't mind

Ashley Harris -
Ashley takes her shirt off...Then her pants. She turns to the wardrobe, looking at Christine over her shoulder.

-Are you ashamed of being with another nude girl?

She says while looking for another dry shirt.

Christine Rockbell -
-I dare to accept the challenge.

Takes off her clothes folds them and places them on the desk. Starts getting dressed while looking at what Ash will wear

Ashley Harris -
While Christine was dressing, she gets interrupted. Ashley ran towards her and started making her tickles. She forced the girl to lean on the bed. Placing on top of her while still laughing. Looking at her closely.

-I'm not a lesbian... But I can be...Tonight... For you.

She said, while starting kissing her neck, slowly...warmly.

And the night went over.
Ashley Harris

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