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Town Background

Post by Ashley Harris on Sat May 07, 2016 1:54 am

West Side Waterfalls town background

West Side Waterfalls is a mid-class suburb east side of Berkeley, California. According to the 2000 census The racial division of the city was 56.07 % White, 17.19 % Asian, 15.83% African American , 1.25 % Native American , 1.04 % Pacific Islander , 5.44 % from other races, and 6 , 37 % from two or more races. 13.93 % of the population were Hispanic or Latino of any race.

The foundation of the town dates back to 1800. The village has one of the most prestigious high schools in the state. The most qualified students have the opportunity to be recommended to the world-renowned University of Berkeley. Because of the proximity to this city, we can see a strong influence of punk rock led by historical bands like Green Day, NOFX and Rancid.
Usually urban groups of people are divided between Punk and upper class of large British influence. The village has numerous parks and shopping centers which makes the teenager population one of its strengths. The possibilities are endless if you take into account, as mentioned earlier, its proximity to the city of Berkeley and San Francisco.

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