Scene 1 "Pilot", Introduction to Westside Waterfalls

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Scene 1 "Pilot", Introduction to Westside Waterfalls

Post by Ashley Harris on Mon May 09, 2016 2:35 pm

Session: -Pilot- Introduction "Having a look"

Ashley open her eyes..Staring at the dorm roof. Was it a hard night? Or a total lack of sleep? She can't tell the difference
She sits and looks at her messy room

-God what happened here?

As she walks towards the window, she sees her neighbor
She turns to take a look at the other window

Christine -
Christine was just day dreaming at her window, trying to avoid life and any obligations, when she sees that girl. Shakes a bit her head to come back to reality and waves at her while having a bright smile.

-Good Morning.

She rubs her eyes to see better and sees neighbor, but she couldnt hear what she said, raises her voice a little bit


She sees the girl smiling


Tries to smile..

Christine -
Looks a bit confused but still smiling.
Raises a bit her voice in order for her to hear better

-You look quite tired, wild party night?

Does she thinks i can hear clearly at this time?
Oh, wait..what time is it?

Looks at the watch


Screams a bit loudly without noticing


I think i never got her name...Damn i dont know anyone at this neighborhood...Thanks Dad.

Rolls her eyes.

Christine -
Gets a bit scared, bigger eyes looking at her while leaving.

She seemed to be in a rush, or? I scared her and she wanted to avoid me.
Both could be... I mean she is all new in this neighboorhood,
so I might not be quick to judge

Waves at her


Puts on some rock themed shirt and some rust jeans after going downstairs to the kitchen

Christine -
After her neighbor left, Christine's still looking at the window, deep in thoughts.

Alright, time to move my fricking ass away! It's getting so late and I am still wasting time. I'd better go have some nice fresh air instead of sticking close to the window forever.

Puts on her sport clothes, nice leggings, a dry-fit sleevless top and her running shoes. Grabs her phone, earphones and a bottle of water.Steps out of the door, takes a nice deep breathe and starts jogging.
while jogging she stops infront of the girl's house, checking the window to see if she's inside

After a nice Coffee, the girl walks towards the front door with nothing but a Worn bag.
She walks outside and to the mail box without almost noticing the Girl.
She was about to take a cigarette to her mouth when she suddenly came across with the girl sight.
She jumped and dropped the cigarette

-Wow! sorry

Rushes to pick the cigarette and stands to look at her


Christine -
Smiles nervously.

JEEZ she might think I am stalking her, like HOW normal is it going outside to check your mails and see a girl standing and looking at you and your house, shit but tho she was a bit outa space might not seen it like that

-Uhm, Hey! -Says with a bit loud voice to break her thoughts

It's quite that day, so to make a good start:

-I'm Christine.. Christine Rockbell -Moves closer to her.

Stares for a bit, quiet, then decides to speak.

-Im Ashley... -She says while lighting the cigarette

Christine -
Takes a small step back, looking at her lighting up her cigarette closely.

Oh well, that didn't quite hit the mark. I might be really annoying.. Like REALLY annoying. Two options Christine greet her and keep jogging or dig a bit more into that conversation. Worst case scenario you have to leave this neighborhood.JEEZ why am I always so dramatic. Clears her throat.

-Uhm, Ashley huh? You have just moved here right? How do you like it so far.

Well... -Looks at the sky then straight to her.

Uh... -Rolls her eyes- you know...parents divorce stuff. Not that i had a choice.

Christine -
Her voice goes lower.

-Oh.. I see.

Looks to the ground for a moment, while moving her leg nervously.

-Well still though, I would really love to show you the neighboor here. We could go out for a coffee sometime!
Come on ok I might say something silly to lift up the mood I am not so bad like I seem! Promise

Ashley.- someone doesnt give a shit about everyone like im used to...could be a nice...experiment.

-Oh, eemm...Yeah why not. I'm going to get some stuff for the house...Dad asked for it but it seems that i woke up late... Ill be at the Mall Park later...
Maybe we can talk for a while.

Was it too much? I just dont want to be alone and feeling a total freak.

Christine -
Her face gets a bit brighter, her cheeks more lively and smiles.

-I would love that! - Says up in excitement.

-We could walk, if you want, to the bus stop, not too far away from here, I would say about, Hmm one or two kms.

Looks a bit around.

-I mean I don't know if you drive actually or so... But it's a lovely day today

Katie -
She is laying in a hammock in the garden, fixed on two Cherry trees, next to her house, reading a book.

Looks at Christine.

-Ah, yeah well why not... Just let me take the trash out before my dad rages.

Christine -
Sure sure! Well to be honest I am looking pretty sportif. May it would be a good idea to change clothes, but I bet you are in rush so I will come with these... I guess.

Takes a fast look at her.

-Yeah why not... Does that matters?

Oh...i hope not to sound rude
Rushes into the house to take the trash
Comes out again and walks to the Bin while handling the cigarette with her mouth.

Christine -
Looks at her while she takes the trash out. Damn she has that nice style! She is pretty stylish and I am here with leggings and running shoes. She'll think I am weird, well not like I am not.

-So are we going?

Lemme make a joke of my looks, not to sound so insecure, like I am.

-Let the fitness kid lead the way!

Stares at her. or something?

Smiles for a bit then looks nowhere while smoking a bit.

-I dont know if i can keep the ritm so... I have to hit the General store, Know the way?

Smiles at her.

-Of course I do, come with me. We'll go down this road.

Starts walking.

I'd say she seems quite chill, different from all the people here. Let's see if we can get along well enough.

-So come one tell me about yourself, where did you live before coming here? Big city girl?

Walks Silent while smoking.

So warm today...I love this "spring summer" climate, But, why do i feel so...down? Where does this hangover comes from? Wait...did, did she said something? Come on Ashley make something to prettend you were listening.


Christine -
Looks at her a bit confused.

Aaaalright. That was probably a bad idea, I will keep walking silently. I mean her laugh gives me abit of hope but still might mean, "Shut up, don't ask shit about the past".

while walking down the road, she sees the girl laying on the hammock, reading her book

Time to break the ice. I feel so weird not talking her.

-Uhm, that girl's quite chilling huh? Nice idea for a such a lovely weather, isnt it?

Yeah, nice work Ash this time we were paying attention.
Looks at the Girl in the hammock.

-Yes for sure... I would love to have one of those.

Christine -
Bingo! That sounds like something I need to keep as an info, it would be a nice idea for a gift. Pointed.
Ashley Harris

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